Preventive Maintenance

Most facilities do not know they have a roofing problem until water has entered the building and caused damage. We do not want that to happen to you! With our preventative maintenance program, we will come out and inspect your roofs and fix any issues that could be a problem in the future. While we are inspecting, some of the issues and critical areas we look at are:

  •  Drains and gutters not blocked and flowing correctly
  •  The condition of the roof membrane
  •  Check laps to ensure sealed
  •  Ponding water that we can eliminate
  •  Do caulk joints need new caulk applied
  •  The condition of the flashing
  •  Abandoned equipment that we can eliminate
  • Objects stored on roof that are causing damage
  • Debris that needs removed
Once we have inspected your roofs, we will provide you with recommendations to consider that will prolong the life of your roof. In some cases it may also extend your warranty.


Proper drainage is crucial for your roof. If your gutters, drains, or scuppers become stopped up it could cause premature wear on your roof and the water that cannot escape will eventually find a way inside your building. We are happy to keep your water flowing at all times with our preventative maintenance program.


We look for areas of failure and damage to roofs with this program, and are happy to make the necessary repairs where needed. Our desire is to find the problems on your roof and repair them before they look like this. Failure can happen in the field of the roof, and in the flashings. Wherever the problems rest, we can take care of it for you.




Do you know what is growing on your roof right now? Most people do not. Unwanted growth on a roof can bring severe damage to the roof, and to the rest of your building. Roots can grow through the membrane of the roof, and also allow paths for water to travel inside your building. With our preventative maintenance program, we can remove all unwanted growth on your roof and make sure our roof has not been compromised from it.

With our preventative maintenance program you will  not have to worry about coming to work and seeing this reminder of last night’s rain.